Hospitality & Tourism.

What it takes.

• Adaptability and a positive attitude
• Willingness to work hard as a team player
• Cooperation, diplomacy, and competitive nature
• Ability to multi-task
• Organizational Skills
• Strong work ethic and competitive nature
• Strong verbal and written communication skills

Look around you…

Careers in hospitality and tourism are found in a variety of places. Careers in the food industry may involve working directly with culinary staff, but often involves working with the public. Golf pros or park rangers may work daily with small groups or individuals, while tour guides or hotel managers may work with hundreds of people.

Some careers begin through on-the-job-training while in high school and others may combine on-the-job training with formal education at a technical college. Management positions may require a bachelor’s degree. All careers in hospitality and tourism are part of fast-paced environments and require stress tolerance, the ability to take direction, and self-motivation.