WOW 2.0 | Educators. Students. Parents. Industry.

The Event…

WOW 2.0 is for high school seniors interested in interviewing for full- and part-time jobs. If you are a high school senior who wishes to enter the workforce full-time following graduation, or you would like to work part-time while attending college, you should attend. If you attend this event, you will interview with at least one company. These are not mock interviews, so be prepared. The interviews will take place on Wednesday, April 10th.

Seniors, registration will begin in the spring.

Once the registration has closed, the West AlabamaWorks! team along with a human resources panel will review your Career Connect profile to match you to a company based on your interests and experience.

Information for Employers…

Industry Leaders: Ready to meet your future workforce?

If you are hiring and want to participate, please contact NaTa’sha Black