What it takes.

  • Strong Math, Science, and Time Management Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Ability to Follow Directions
  • Satisfaction in Teamwork
  • Hands-on Work with Tools

Additional Resources

Look around you…

Construction is an exciting field with many different career paths and opportunities.  Generally, there are three branches of construction: residential (house building, remodeling), commercial (businesses, offices), and heavy industrial (power plants, mills, steel work). Within these three categories are numerous occupations including brick mason, carpenter, equipment operator, inspector, quality control, drywall finisher, painter, electrician, HVAC technician, insulator, estimator, pipefitter/welder, plumber, roofer, sheet metal worker, iron worker, safety, project manager, and more! As you can see from this list, construction is no longer a “dangerous, dirty, disrespected” job, but an educated, respected, and well-paid profession.